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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Steam Games I Bought this Holiday

Hey People- this blog is about the Steam Games I bought. I will also be sharing Videos and Links To PC gaming news such as a PC Exclusive Game.
In this post I shall be listing the games I have bought over this season- Christmas.
Lets kick things off- Shall we?

Mass Effect 1
Mass Effect 2
I got both Mass effects for a low price of 7 Dollars. They were on a daily sale

Total War Complete Pack
All total war games (except Medieval Total War I) rolled into one. I got this for $30.

Just Cause 2
I bought this with all the DLC's. that made it 7.50. Which is a good price because I knew someone who got it a few months pack for $50.

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
Great Realistic shooter set in world war 2. I paid the low price of  $20 for it. It too was also on daily sale.

Magicka Complete.
This is by far. The Funniest Game. I have Ever played. I got it and all DLCS for $7.00
It was worth it.

And that's about it! and to kick things off with my WEEKLY BETA KEYS
I have a TRIBES: ASCEND key




  1. Already got Magicka couple weeks ago at some contest. Only saved me 2 euro's, still pretty sweet game.

  2. This blog has great potential, I'm a pretty big Steam gamer myself. I don't see where I can follow you though... add a following widget.