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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

My review of Medieval Total War 2

Well, after 9 gigs of downloading- I finally got to play medieval total war 2. Now, i played the first one a long time ago- and i loved it. This one lives up to my expectation. it is a great RTS with an unmatched campaign. though you can only play as 6 kingdoms on the campaign and in total there's around 30 factions. there are many different types of units- they are mostly all unique for the major factions apart from the peasants and the basic foot infantry. it has great graphics for the time- and with a good enough computer you shouldn't have any troubles with playing it.

The battles are great and you don't really worry about the men you lose cause its cheap to get them back- this is great. unlike in some games like Mount and Blade Warband where you are devastated if you loose troops because it takes too long and it is very expensive to train them again.

one bad feature of the game is the tutorial- the voices are annoying and they tell you things over and over again.

I give this game 4/5.

Steam Games I Bought this Holiday

Hey People- this blog is about the Steam Games I bought. I will also be sharing Videos and Links To PC gaming news such as a PC Exclusive Game.
In this post I shall be listing the games I have bought over this season- Christmas.
Lets kick things off- Shall we?

Mass Effect 1
Mass Effect 2
I got both Mass effects for a low price of 7 Dollars. They were on a daily sale

Total War Complete Pack
All total war games (except Medieval Total War I) rolled into one. I got this for $30.

Just Cause 2
I bought this with all the DLC's. that made it 7.50. Which is a good price because I knew someone who got it a few months pack for $50.

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
Great Realistic shooter set in world war 2. I paid the low price of  $20 for it. It too was also on daily sale.

Magicka Complete.
This is by far. The Funniest Game. I have Ever played. I got it and all DLCS for $7.00
It was worth it.

And that's about it! and to kick things off with my WEEKLY BETA KEYS
I have a TRIBES: ASCEND key